These are examples of film scores I wrote with various scenes in mind. Each song has a short text that describes that scene.


The song is like life - slowly growing to it's full height. It could be the track of a movie that plays in Scotland in the 18th century, or ...

A La Gustavo

This song is in the style of Gustavo Santaolalla - you might remember the music from the movie motorcycle diaries.

Path to Self

If there is something like a Self the path to it is not straight but goes through stages. This song depicts this path as a rise through glory and victory to deep peace.


This song with classical guitar and strings is about going away, about leafing loved ones behind and entering into an exciting new world..

Meet my Past

Going back to my home town and meeting class mates was like a journey into the past. Places and people brought back old and long forgotten feelings - sad, happy, reflective. This song captures some of this like a black & white picture.

Pop Glass

This song is a reference to Philip Glass; its mood is melancholy and reflective, but also determined and making a transition to something new -- moving forward.
Writer: Erik Olsen


This is a solo classical guitar piece in the style of 16th & 17th century Baroque music.


This instrumental is about the struggle to find "home" - to find a place where you can rest and be at peace. You are lost, when you have no place, no friends or family, where you can just be you.




The score for these videos is composed to target selected hit-points - often a video cut.

A Rock-Sounding Score



These cut-off synthesizer sequences make this dance appear like a bad dream.


Rainy Saturday

I listened to Pat Martino and Wes Montgomery on a Saturday afternoon - and came up with this tune. The melody is plaid with electric guitar, followed by an organ solo.

Smooth Touch

Fusion Jazz in the style of Pat Metheny Group, performed by the band Random Guys.

Car Ad

this is a short cue for a car ad - check out this music with the video at YouTube

Blue Purple

Rock sound of the 80th with organ and two electric guitars.



Latin Party

Based on a Latin rhythm 'Latin Party' is an uplifting song with a memorable melody that conveys the mood of easy living and vacation. (160 BPM)

Cuba Dancers

This vibraphone melody over a Latin background rhythm makes you dream of a Caribbean vacation.


With a vibraphone and steel drum melody this happy song is just right for your summer party.

Soft Bossa

Medium Bossa Nova with a catchy melody plaid with vibraphone and nylon guitar. (140 BPM)


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