Is this your Situation ?

If you have not spent many hours in studios, you might be scared of the studio situation: You are locked up in a sound proof booth, you can communicate only through headsets and you may be looking into the control room through a thick glass, where you see the technicians laugh and grin but you have no idea what they are talking about. How could you perform at your very best in such a situation?

My Solution

This is why I as audio engineer do not work in a soundproof control room. A recording sounds good when the basic technical requirements are met (e.g. sound treated walls, good equipment, good ears etc.) AND the performer plays at his/her best.

I facilitate great performances by making performers feel at home in my studio – like in a living room. I’ll be sitting next to them and we can talk person to person, not through mics and headsets. If the monitor mix is not perfect, if you want more echo on your voice etc. – I am right there. If you want suggestions I can dive right in; no need to finish a tack before you can listen back. Punching in a note or phrase is very easy if we sit next to each other.
If you are interested, you can even watch and learn how I work with my tools.

Recording full Bands

Multi-track recording a full band works the same way. In the first session the band plays in one room – drums are mic’d, the rest is recorded from line-ins. Every player has an individual mix on his/her headset; it’s just right to hear exactly what they need to hear to perform at their best. I am in the middle – no hassle with communication – I take care of the recording and of the headset mixes for each musician. In the next sessions the band comes in one by one to overdub tracks, to punch in fixes or to record new tacks e.g. for vocals.

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